See How Easily You Can Connect And Engage With Your Audience On Digital Platforms

Today, your customers across the globe are gathering in one market place. Your competitors are already there, seducing them with great promises.

Thanks to the internet. Over 4.7 Billion people are actively using the internet in 2020.

As a business, you don’t have an option but join the marketplace. Embrace digital marketing to connect, engage, and serve your audience.

It sounds easy. You might think you only need a website, a social media page, and watch your business hit the ceiling.

However, this is not the case.

You have to be smart with your digital marketing strategy if you need to succeed.

It’s good for your business to be on the internet. But that alone won’t guarantee success.

To succeed in such a dynamic market, you need to first connect with your audience. The next thing would be to prove to them that your product is the best option they can find in the market.

In simple terms, you need a strategy to connect and deliver your message on the online platforms.

So, how do you do that?

In this article, we will share with you simple and proven tips. Tips to connect, engage, and convert your target audience on the online platforms.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Define Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is the first step to success in whatever you do in your business. A well-defined target audience will ensure that you connect and engage with the right audience.

First, start by outlining major demographics. Know who are your audience, their gender, age, where they live, and any other relevant detail that concerns them.

The next step would be to dig deeper and understand their;

  • Needs,
  • Wants,
  • Preferences,
  • Painpoints, and

This will help you craft a message that’s relevant to them. You will speak a language that they can understand and connect with.

Step 2: Identify Where Your Target Audience Spend Most Of Their Time

You have already answered the question, ‘Whom?” In this step, your focus is to answer, “where?”

Start by researching through the internet to find where your audience spends much of their time. You will find researches and statistical data online on most of the demographics and the channels they frequently use.

For instance, if you are targeting;

  • Professional demographics: Go to LinkedIn.
  • Millennials: Instagram is the best place.
  • Older Population: Facebook is their network of choice.

In short, find where your audience is and join them there.

However, when choosing channels, don’t go beyond three channels at once. For better results, focus your efforts on one or two platforms.

On each platform, you would need a different messaging strategy.

Step 3: Check Your Major Competitors

There is nothing wrong with checking other industry players. Look at your competitors in the market. See how they are connecting with their audience.

Make sure you look at brands that are truly in the same niche as your business. If your business offers a different product, you need to be careful.

The focus here is not copying your competitor. You need to know what they are already doing, what seems to work for them, and how they connect with their audience.

If you do your competitor analysis well, you will get some insight that would help your business.

Step 4: Develop A Brand Voice That Sets You Apart From Competition

Voice is an element of personality that makes a person or brand distinctly themselves.

According to research by Nielsen Norman Group, brand voice has a direct impact on the brand’s friendliness, desirability, and trustworthiness. The same study showed that enthusiastic, conversational, and casual voice tones perform better than any other kind of voice.

Think of brand voice as a way to communicate with your users.

Develop a friendly voice that reminds your customers why they should associate with you. Use this voice across all communication platforms. Whether you write blog posts, send emails, or post on social media, be consistent with your voice.

Make your audience feel like they are talking to a human and not business. Address your audience personally and interact with them more frequently.

Consider the following tips by Andrew BrendenKamp to build your brand voice.

  • Use shorter words.
  • Shorter sentences always win.
  • Use “WE” or “Brand name” when writing about your company.
  • Always go to the point with your message without rambling.
  • Avoid jargon at all costs.
  • Use everyday casual speech-language

Step 5: Tap Into Your Audience Emotions

Emotions are powerful. When connecting and communicating with your audience, use empathy, humor, compassion, fear, love, and care.

If you make your audience feel cared for, you’ve forged a strong bond with them.

Remember, your audience is humans.

Humans relate to each other by emotions. And if you tap into their emotions, you would sound like one of them.

Show your target audience that your brand is built by real people who care. Show the personality of your company, not its Logo.

For instance: Microsoft’s mission statement is built on this one fact – “To help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential. In real life, who would help you? Someone who cares.

Final Tip: Don’t Be Clever With Your Message

Write a simple message. Just go straight to the point and communicate in a language your audience can understand.

A real-life example to explain this is a book published by Naura Hayden named “Astro-Logical Love.”

That was a clever title, and she knew it would sell a million copies.

A shock on her.

The book didn’t sell. It was a total failure.

After finding a copywriter, they evaluated the entire content of the book. They changed its title – “How To Satisfy A Woman Every Time… And Have Her Beg For More!”

simple message strategy

In a short time, it became #1 bestseller.

The same book, same content, only a different topic.


Because the second title wasn’t clever, it was clear.

Do the same with your business. Be clear with your message. Don’t be clever.




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